Writers Love Skincare

I often wonder how many people still view writers as unkempt and kind of grungy. Do you think people still believe we smell of piss and alcohol, and never iron our shirts? That could be the case for some. Even I am guilty of it. It’s #NaNoWriMo, and I admit I have not put much thought into the cleanliness of my workspace or my attire. Today I’m sporting a boyfriend t-shirt that only made it through one round of ironing, and my hair is only lightly combed through. But there’s one thing I will never leave the house with–grungy writer or not (aside from deodorant, of course)– and that’s skincare!

If there’s one thing I like writing about, ghost boyfriends and ace characters aside, it’s Glossier. My love for this brand is undying, and with each new product, I find myself spending my hard-earned adjunct cash on so I can look dewy for my future author photoshoot. Luckily, my enthusiasm for the brand hasn’t gone unnoticed, and I’m now an official Glossier Rep.


  • Milky Jelly Cleanser
  • The Supers
  • Cloud Paint (Puff, Haze, Beam, and Dusk)
  • Balm Dotcom (Birthday, Mint, Cherry, and Rose)
  • Wowder
  • Boy Brow
  • Glossier You


For years I’ve struggled with hormonal acne breakouts, and with the current stressors of grading and finishing this novel before the end of the month, you can only imagine how stressed out I am. So, that means my skin is extremely sensitive and acne prone. And Los Angeles’ environmental stressors don’t help, either.

My skin is not perfect and has a few blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and on occasion, is slightly dehydrated. Okay…it’s really dry! But I’ve found a beauty routine that lasts throughout the day, and keeps my skin healthy in the process. Just today, a friend told me I have that “Glossier glow.” I couldn’t believe it, but then of course I could. I take very good care of my skin!


My favorite thing besides Glossier products is how malleable they are. Every person uses them differently, and no use is incorrect. You almost don’t have to think about how to use them because the products are intuitive. And thankfully, if you’re constantly moving and have no time to touch up throughout the day, Glossier’s products apply easy and are long-lasting.

Milky Jelly and The Supers are the heroes that lead me into combat against environmental stressors and work-related stress. I honestly can’t wait to wake up to cleanse my face with Milky Jelly and reward it with much needed vitamins.

Currently, I’ve been experimenting more with Cloud Paint. For the longest time, I used Puff (a flirty pink) and Beam (a peachy ray of sunshine) on the apples of my cheeks. Haze (a winter’s cold flush) and Dusk (a warm contour) went along my cheekbones. However, I felt that the apples of my cheeks gave me too much of a youthful look. Now I avoid the apples my cheeks all together, and build color along my cheek bones. It’s gorgeous! And I think it adds a sophistication to my everyday look–which doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. (I’m writing a novel. I only have so much time in the day to look presentable.)

More recently, Glossier You, Glossier’s perfume, is a sweet musk I bathe in daily. I put it on the inside of my wrists, my neck, and rub it into the fabric of my cardigans. It has literally turned heads in the mall. The other day a woman asked what I was wearing, and that after almost 8 hours, she could still smell me from across the room. It sounds strange, but it was a wonderful compliment.


Needless to say, I don’t have too many hours in the day to spend on looking ready for the red carpet. Thankfully, Glossier provides an accessible luxury that makes me feel and look my best. If there is anything in the world, other than writing and teaching I’m passionate about, it’s about a Glossier lifestyle and being the most authentic, radiant version of yourself.





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